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About the Society

Our Direction


We seek to learn and implement best practices in wayfinding, and share our discoveries with others. Whether it's hosting workshops, partnering with organizations, or running pedcrawls, we're excited to share ideas and start conversations.


We support pedestrianism and pedestrian accessibility by advocating for better urban design, better safety, and better inclusiveness of all public amenities.


We partner with other groups and provide them with support — helping them launch initiatives that contribute to a vibrant, active community.


We initiate projects that contribute to increased functionality, inclusiveness, and enjoyment of public space.  

Our Journey


The Edmonton Wayfinding Society started as a Make Something Edmonton Group, led by Tim Querengesser in 2013. Aware of how Edmonton was lacking and behind neighbouring cities in wayfinding, Tim was eager to find solutions to enhance the city's transit connectivity, walkability and explorative qualities. Tim and a team of talented and engaged Edmontonians formed the Edmonton Wayfinding Project to research and to develop integrated solutions that will not only elevate Edmonton's existing wayfinding system, but also connect people with undiscovered areas of Edmonton. The ultimate goal was to make better wayfinding by making it transparent, logical, enjoyable and overall engaging enough that Edmontonians will gain a new and greater appreciation of the city.  In 2014, the Edmonton Wayfinding Project formed a society and the group was renamed to become the Edmonton Wayfinding Society.